Advantages of fully automatic hot melt welding machine

Update:23 Nov 2019

Fully automatic hot melt welding machines are now suita […]

Fully automatic hot melt welding machines are now suitable for welding in a variety of materials and industries. Welding of stainless steel, gold, silver, alloy, steel, pe pipe, etc., or, in use, we can see mobile phone batteries, sensors, medical devices, craft gifts, watches, electronic components, sensors, precision machinery, communications, etc. The industry will use this type of Hydraulic welding machines
Automatic hot-melt welding machine can realize spot welding, butt welding, stack welding, sealing welding and so on. It offers the possibility of welding thin-walled materials and precision parts. The deformation is small and the welding speed is fast.

The user-friendly design of the automatic hot-melt welding machine, liquid crystal display and button-operated operation make it easier for the operator to complete the work.

The automatic hot-melt welding machine workbench adopts a rotatable system, which can not only realize spot welding, but also complete automatic welding such as straight line welding and circumferential welding. It has a wide range of use, high precision and high speed.

The automatic hot-melt welding machine can adjust the variation of the current waveform arbitrarily. Different parameters can be set according to the welding consumables, the welding parameters and the welding requirements are matched, and finally the best welding effect is achieved.

The automatic hot-melt welding machine adopts imported concentrating cavity: high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, longer laser life and high safety. The humanized mechanical system design, the most advanced protection system in the world, reduces the stimulation of light on the human eye.