Application trend of automatic welding machine in the field of pressure vessels

Update:07 May 2022

Pressure vessels have been widely used in many fields, […]

Pressure vessels have been widely used in many fields, the industry is also developing rapidly, and the process technology is gradually maturing. According to the development of the industry, there is also a growing demand for such products from major manufacturers. Therefore, welding technology is the most important factor in determining product quality. Then, we next analyze fully automatic welding machines in the field of pressure vessels.

Welding and forming:

The weld form factor is an assessment of the cross-sectional shape of the weld and refers to the ratio of the weld width (B) to the calculated weld thickness (H) of a single pass weld cross-section (φ=B/H). The welding coefficient of automatic welding machine refers to the ratio of the strength of the corresponding welded joint to the strength of the base metal. This is a comprehensive reflection of the mechanical properties of the welded joint to reflect the extent to which the strength of the welded joint is weakened due to factors such as welding materials, welding defects and welding residual stress.

Classification of pressure vessels:

There are four classes of pressure vessels: A, B, C and D. Class A is divided into: ultra-high pressure vessel, high pressure vessel (A1), automatic welding machine Type III low pressure and medium pressure vessel (A2), spherical tank field welding or spherical shell plate manufacturing (A3), non-metallic pressure vessel (A4) and medical oxygen chamber (A5); B is divided into: seamless gas cylinder (B1), welded gas cylinder (B2) and special gas cylinder (B3); C-class railway tanker (C1), automobile tanker or long Tube trailer (C2) and storage tank (C3); Class D is divided into: Type 1 pressure vessel (D1), Type 2 low and medium pressure vessel (D2) and medium pressure vessel.

As can be seen from the above description, the welding technology of pressure vessels is also very technically demanding and must be assisted by sufficient theoretical knowledge. It can be seen from the classification of pressure vessels that the automatic welding machine has many and complete classifications. It can be seen from the side that the technology of pressure vessels has gradually matured and can serve many fields.

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