Automatic electrofusion welding machine selection and use skills

Update:09 Nov 2019

Pe pipe automatic electric welding machine to improve t […]

Pe pipe automatic electric welding machine to improve the work attitude and continuous improvement of innovative ideas, won the recognition. Do we need to pay attention when using the electric welding machine? I believe that everyone has their own opinions on how to use the electric welding machine. Xiaobian will share with you some common problems about using electric welding machines:
Each manufacturer's product model and parameters are different. Therefore, the latest electric heating and fusion welding machine should use the latest automatic electric heating and welding machine that supports manual and barcode use. Otherwise, the range of other products will be reduced during use. Thereby reducing the use efficiency, resulting in unnecessary waste, the price of the pe tube electric welding machine, will also have an impact on the quality of work.
During construction, generally when the power supply is within 50 meters from the welder, it is necessary to select 2.5mm2 input cable, electrofusion welding machine, and so on. The longer the distance, the larger the cable voltage is used. When the grid voltage does not match When required, this time must use a generator to support the power supply. When using an electric welding machine, there are strict requirements. It must be used by professionals and certified personnel. Non-professionals should not be close to avoid unnecessary danger to the operator.