Do you know the history of welding and manufacturing

Update:28 Dec 2020

Today, when we use different complex welding tools, we […]

Today, when we use different complex welding tools, we need to understand the history of welding. We need to look back and see when to start welding. To know this, we need to go back to the Iron Age.

At that time, the Egyptians and the Eastern Mediterranean began the welding process. They like to use this process to perfect the process of welding iron sheets into iron boxes. The hammer had not yet been invented.

Hammers appeared in the late Middle Ages and were used to make other kinds of small iron products. They used to heat up until they got hot. When Edmund Davy discovered acetylene in the 1830s, the process became older, and welding with acetylene became much easier. It helps to identify the arc between two electrodes.

The invention of arc lighting has made new improvements to the traditional welding process. In the traditional welding process, cutting and gas welding have become much easier than the previous welding. At that time, welding had become a popular joining process.

Almost 50 years later, another scientist proposed a new invention that had a major impact on this process. He is a Frenchman named Auguste Demeritens. He did show a new way of soldering lead plates. He used the heat of the arc. This practice first started the famous carbon arc welding. Popular since the 1900s.

The welding process became more and more popular in the 1900s. At that time, coated metal electrodes had been invented and quickly spread. Upgrading electrodes was very common at the time, and in fact all these modifications helped provide a more accurate arc. 1914 was indeed a very important year, because rod electrodes were first introduced at that time.

With the perfect use of rod electrodes, many welding processes at that time became more refined. Projection welding and seam welding are also affected by the welding rod during the welding process. Breakthroughs in welding have benefited many welding processes. The quality of gas welding and cutting began to improve rapidly. The blowtorch and low pressure acetylene are already there.

During the First World War, the popularity of the welding business grew rapidly. Countries are competing with each other in many aspects. Welding technology is one of them. They tried to invent advanced welding technology to build powerful ships, because ships played a very important role in war.

During this period, people can observe a revolution in the welding industry. The British began to use arc welding to build ships. Therefore, arc welding has become very popular in the UK and Europe. Americans have different plans and goals to achieve. They focus more on repair work. They do not want to build new ships, but repair them and make them stronger. It can be seen how these powerful countries consciously or unconsciously made important contributions to the development of welding processes.

Aircraft also benefit from these emerging welding processes. After 50 years of revolution, when the laser was invented, people once again saw the changes in welding process and business. Laser beam welding has become very popular. This is a fast, automated welding process, and even today, this process has no competitors.

Welding has different contributions in different regions of the world. Professional experts say that to become a master of any technology, you need to have a good understanding of your own improvements.