How to choose a qualified automatic hot melt welding machine

Update:09 Feb 2022

1. Understand the strength of the company, whether it i […]

1. Understand the strength of the company, whether it is independent research and development and production, whether there is technical strength guarantee, to provide guarantee for future equipment maintenance, equipment testing, calibration, system upgrade and whether to buy equipment accessories, so as to solve the user's worries.

2. Find out whether there is after-sales service and related service measures, whether there is a nearby service outlet or a quick solution without a nearby service outlet, and relevant emergency measures.

3. Whether the basic three elements of a qualified equipment "pressure, time, temperature" are accurate, the displayed value should match the actual output value, and whether it meets the requirements of the national standard. (The total welding pressure is equal to the drag pressure plus the theoretical welding pressure; the crimping time, heat absorption time, switching time, gradual rise time and cooling time must meet the requirements; the surface temperature difference of the heating plate is less than or equal to plus or minus 3 degrees) as a manufacturer There are relevant instruments for detecting pressure and temperature. If you go to the manufacturer to purchase equipment, you can propose a method for the equipment manufacturer to demonstrate on the spot how these three elements are detected and calibrated.

4. Pay attention to whether the action of the oil cylinder is slow in the gradual rising and docking stage after the extraction of the heating plate. This is also an important stage to ensure a qualified welding joint. If it is too fast, it will cause impact on the welding joint and form false welding.

5. Whether the cylinder cross-sectional area mark of the equipment is marked on the fuselage, or found in the instruction manual, this is an important parameter to calculate whether the welding pressure is in line with the national standard, and also to check whether a qualified manufacturer really understands the authenticity of the welding process .

6. The number of replaceable slips of the automatic welding machine is at most 3 layers, which is also the requirement of the national standard. If it is a combination of multiple slips, the welding quality cannot be guaranteed. The more layers of slips, the greater the cumulative error, and the greater the loss of pressure acting on the weld.

7. Whether the welding machine has temperature compensation, online real-time monitoring of the output pressure, and alarm prompts when the actual output does not match the parameters.

8. The appearance of a qualified weld should have a smooth and symmetrical welding ring along the entire outer circumference of the pipe, and the welding ring should have certain symmetry and alignment. The size of the ring of the gas pipeline is controlled according to the following geometric dimensions, which can ensure the quality of the welded joint.

Ring width = (0.35-0.45) * wall thickness

Ring height = (0.2-0.25) * wall thickness

The height of the annular seam = (0.1-0.2) * wall thickness

9. The price of equipment ranges from 30,000 to more than 100,000. There are imported products and joint-venture assembled products on the market. Several domestic fully automatic products have been made. Product prices vary widely. When choosing a welding machine at what price, the output accuracy of the equipment itself should be the first priority. If the parameters are not accurate, it will lose the meaning of using a fully automatic welding machine. Then compare the difference of materials and hydraulic valves, sensors and control systems. For example: the price of a pressure sensor ranges from hundreds to thousands. The selection of materials and standard parts directly affects the stability of the system, the accuracy of the output and the service life.

10. Fully automatic products and programmed products generally fail and cannot be repaired by on-site users. Therefore, you cannot buy a machine with poor quality and unstable system in order to save some money, otherwise the loss you spend on maintenance and lost work in the future will definitely be larger than the price difference. At present, most users are still using hydraulic hot-melt welding machines, and the quality of welding depends entirely on the quality of the machine and the skills of the operators.