How to Use a Airless Plastic Welder

Update:08 Mar 2021

How to Use a Airless Plastic Welder 1) Identify the pla […]

How to Use a Airless Plastic Welder

1) Identify the plastic. (usually on the backside of the plastic there will be a mark)

2) Usually you have to weld like plastics and use the rod for that plastic.

3) Set the heat for the plastic being welded and let the unit heat up.

4) Prep the area being fixed use a grinder or use my tip.TIP: put a v-groove where the crack or break is).This also helps in joining the 2 parts together. How your working on it.

5) Heat the surface and the rod together. TIP:I have found that if you pre heat the rod some it will melt into the crack easier

6) When your done you want a little mound where the crack was.Now sand the spot down and paint it.

7) Note:If you think your repair needs to be stronger. You can melt a steel mesh into the plastic and this will make it stronger. First make the repair as above. Then put the steel mesh over it and melt over it. this should help to prevent voids in the repair. Now you will have to add some plastic to cover the steel mesh. Smooth it out as best you can to cut down on the sanding. I start with 60 grit sand paper. Then I go to 180 grit sand paper to get the area smooth. If you would like the repair to look nice you can paint it. Make sure that the paint is made for plastic. Almost all stores carry some type of paint that will work on plastic.

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