Influencing factors of porosity in argon arc welding

Update:17 May 2022

As we all know, argon arc welding has many advantages: […]

As we all know, argon arc welding has many advantages:

1. Good protection effect, high welding quality, no spatter, and beautiful welding seam.

2. The welding deformation is small, it can realize single-sided welding and double-sided forming, ensure the penetration of the root, and can carry out welding in various positions.

3. Various metals and alloys can be welded.

How are the pores in the weld created?

1. Influencing factors of pores: the purity of argon gas, the size of argon gas flow, the size of wind speed (wind protection measures should be taken when the wind speed is > 2 m/s), the diameter of the welding torch nozzle is too small, the distance between the welding torch nozzle and the workpiece is large , The pressure in the gas cylinder is too small (the pressure should be disabled when the pressure is less than 1 MPa), the angle of the welding torch is too large, and the accessories of the welding torch are not suitable.

2. Influence of welding materials: The welding wire is not clean, and the surface of the welding wire has rust, oil and water, which will directly cause a large number of pores in the welding seam.

3. The influence of the base metal material: the quality of the plate or pipe, and the influence of the steel type.

4. Influence of welding process: The influence of unclean groove cleaning, too fast welding speed, size of welding current, too long extension length of tungsten electrode, etc., have strict requirements on welding process.

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