Internal component damage after ultrasonic welding

Update:04 Apr 2019

The reason for the internal original damage is that the […]

The reason for the internal original damage is that the high-intensity ultrasonic energy is directly or indirectly transmitted to the damaged part. The solution is as follows:
1. Early ultrasonic vibration time (avoid contact and vibration);
2. Reduce the pressure and reduce the ultrasonic welding time (reduce the strength standard);
3. Reduce the number of power stages of the machine or the low-power machine. On the contrary, it is necessary to use high-power ultrasonic welding equipment to complete the welding task in the shortest time with high and light ultrasonic energy. The welding process is not enough to cause damage to the product. ;
4. Reduce the expansion ratio of the ultrasonic mold;
5. The cushion of the bottom mold is cushioned with rubber;
6. The bottom mold and the product avoid floating or gap;
7. HORN (upper mode) re-measures the frequency after avoiding the air;
8. After the upper mold is emptied, stick a flexible material (such as silicon lycium, silica gel, etc.).