Introduction of hot melt butt welder

Update:09 Jun 2018

Hot melt butt welding machine is a kind of special weld […]

Hot melt butt welding machine is a kind of special welding equipment that uses hot melt butt welding technology to weld thermoplastic pipe fittings. The welding frame of the hot melt butt welding machine is separated from the operating system. The whole machine (automatic type, hydraulic semi-automatic type) consists of hydraulic operation console, welding frame and fixture, electric heating plate, electric milling cutter and other parts. Manual type no hydraulic system. The welding frame adopts high-strength aluminum alloy material, which has a firm structure, light weight and durability. The welding frame adopts the compression structure of the card mica sheet to accurately position the pipe and make it easy to adjust the misalignment amount.
The form of hot-melt butt welding machines is various. Users should select them according to the specifications of welded pipes, their own economic ability, the quality of operators, and the management level of welding machines.
According to the control mode can be divided into manual, semi-automatic and automatic three;
According to heating methods, it can be divided into contact heating and radiant heating.
According to the form of the base can be divided into fixed, wheeled and tracked three;
According to the way of providing welding pressure can be divided into human pressure and wave pressure.