Points to note when working with a spot welder

Update:06 Jul 2020

Pay attention to the following when using the spot weld […]

Pay attention to the following when using the spot welding machine:

1. Whether the air pressure is above 1kgf/cm2;

2. Bad pressure reducing valve;

3. Leakage of O-ring, replace O-ring;

4. Oil is lacking in the pressure head, please fill in oil.

  To avoid welding spatter, noise, etc. endangering you and others, please use protective equipment.

  Splashes can burn eyes, noise can hinder hearing

   1. Please wear protective glasses.

   2. Please use protective gloves, long subsidies clothes apron and other protective equipment.

   3. Set up a protective barrier around the welding place to prevent splashing from endangering others.

   4. When the noise is high, please use sound insulation equipment.

 When welding, never put your hands or the like between the electrodes. If the pressure of the electrode is large to hundreds of kgf, it will cause serious injury.



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