Precautions for steel bar welding process construction

Update:29 Feb 2020

1. Before operation, check whether all tools, electric […]

1. Before operation, check whether all tools, electric welders, power switches and circuits are good, whether the metal casing is safely and reliably grounded, whether the inlet and outlet wires have a complete protective cover, and whether the inlet and outlet ends are welded with copper joint welding heads.
2. Each welding machine should have a dedicated power control switch and a secondary protection device. It is strictly forbidden to replace other fuses with fuses, and cut off the power supply after completion.
3. The steel bars are all machined and bent according to the design size and shape, the steel bar processing site is hardened, and a rainproof shed is set up.
4. The rebar batching card must be approved by the technical supervisor before the material is allowed to open. The rebars that have been formed are listed in the order of the drawing numbers and stacked neatly. The rust prevention measures shall be taken at the storage site of the rebar.
5. Clean the surface oil stains, patent leather, scale rust, etc. before rebar processing to keep the surface clean. When the steel bar is straightened, the wire rod is straightened with a hoist and the cold-drawn steel bar is straightened, and the cold-drawn rate of the first-level steel bar is not more than 2 ‰.
6. Strictly implement the batching list system for the steel bar cutting. The project is completed completely and accurately. The technology must be submitted to the construction drawing according to the construction drawing. After the review is correct, the material is cut according to the specifications and dimensions required for the delivery.
7. After the steel bar is unloaded, the first steel bar processed and formed in the same batch, the same type, and the same model shall be inspected and accepted. After the inspection is qualified, the processing can be continued.
8. Flash butt welding is preferred for longitudinal joints of steel bars. When arc welding is used, double-sided welding is preferred. Weld length is more than 5d for double-sided welding and 10d for single-sided welding. Reinforced joints comply with the relevant regulations for welding and acceptance of reinforcing bars.
9. Operators must hold a certificate to take up their posts.