Some Points to Remember Before Selecting the Welder

Update:25 Jan 2021

Welders are used when there is shortage in electric pow […]

Welders are used when there is shortage in electric power supply. Various types of welders are used. Engine-driven welders are very popular of the genre. This type of systems is used for outdoor applications. But engine-driven welders are designed in such a way so that it can be used for indoor applications. At times when there is problem in supplying power to electric (plug-in) welders, this type of technology is used. These indoor circumstances include everything from major plant shutdowns to minor repair jobs. It is better to use the engine-driven welders in a large space that has good ventilation. There are some basic things that need to be taken into considerations while selecting an engine-driven welder. These include:

1. Application- First of all you have to consider this factor. You have to define the application and then select the welding process.

2. Engine Type - It is one of the most important issues that you need to look at after defining the application. Before you take any definite decision ad select the welder, it is better on your part to check the engine type. It is truly one of the most crucial steps that you need to take. LPG (liquid propane gas), gasoline or diesels are the main options. You can get better fuel economy with the diesel engine option compared to the gasoline engine. Another positive side of diesel fuel is that it does not catch fire as easily as the gasoline. Refineries prefer to select diesel-fueled machines over gasoline fueled machines. Another important thing to consider is whether or not the fuel is supplied at the site. Diesel is the common choice. But the decision is taken on the cost saving factors. There is a great thing about the gasoline. I cold weather situations, gasoline engines are preferred. They take less time to start compared to other fuel options. They work without the aid of extra starting equipments, such as winterized fuel or ether start kits. LPG is another fuel option but it is not so popular. It is selected only when there is no gasoline or diesel. It is also used in case the other two options are not allowed for indoor applications.

3. Portability is another very crucial issue that is considered while selecting a welder. There are many areas where taking large welders can be a big issue. In such cases, easily portable welders are a great option.

So make sure you exercise your discretion and select a welder as per your needs and requirements.