Specification for use of butt welding machine

Update:13 Jan 2023

Specification for safe use of electric welding machines […]

Specification for safe use of electric welding machines
1、 Preparation before welding: 1. The electric welding machine shall be placed in a ventilated and dry place and stably.
2. Check the welding mask for light leakage and damage. Welding personnel and auxiliary personnel shall wear the specified labor protection articles.
3. The welding machine, welding tongs, power lines and all joints shall be reliably connected and well insulated. Overheating is not allowed at the connection. The power terminal shall not be exposed and shall be wrapped with insulating tape.
4. The length of the power line on the primary side of the welding machine shall not be greater than 5m, and the length of the secondary side (between the welding machine and the welding clamp)
The welding cable shall be waterproof, insulated, rubber sheathed, copper core flexible cable with a length of not more than 30M. The conductor shall be replaced immediately in case of moisture and broken strand.
5. The secondary side of the AC welding machine shall be connected to neutral or grounded.
6. The welding machine shell shall be provided with reliable protective zero line, and protective cover shall be set at the inlet and outlet line.
7. Before using the DC welding machine, clean the dirt on the commutator and keep the commutator in good contact with the brush.
8. The welding machine wire and grounding wire shall not be placed on flammable, explosive or heat-source materials, and shall not be connected with mechanical equipment or pipes and building metal components or tracks.
9. The butt welding machine shall use a special switch box, and the leakage protector shall be matched reasonably, sensitive and reliable.
10. The welding site shall be equipped with fire-fighting equipment.

Precautions during welding:
1. Reasonable welding process (welding rod, welding current) shall be selected according to the technical conditions of the workpiece
Overload use is not allowed, and no-load power cut device shall be used as far as possible. It is not allowed to apply large current
2. During load welding, the temperature rise of the welding machine shall not exceed the specified requirements, otherwise the welding machine shall be stopped and cooled before welding.
3. The working site of electric welding machine shall be kept dry and well ventilated. When moving the welding machine, it should be cut off
The power supply shall not be moved by dragging the cable. In case of sudden power failure during welding, it shall be cut off
Power Supply.
4. During welding, it is not allowed to adjust the current. The handle must be used to adjust the current of the welding machine when the welding is stopped,
Do not run too fast or too fast to avoid damaging the regulator.
5. When the DC welding machine is started, check that the rotation direction of the rotor conforms to the arrow direction of the welding machine mark.
6. In the process of welding, if the automatic power failure device is found to be invalid, it shall be shut down in time and repaired after power failure.

Precautions after welding:
1. After completing the welding operation, immediately cut off the power supply, turn off the welding machine switch, and tidy the welding tongs
Power supply and ground wire to avoid short circuit when closing.
2. When removing weld slag, wear glasses and pay attention to the head to avoid hitting the spatter of weld slag
To avoid stabbing eyes, do not strike welding slag at the personnel on site.
3. After outdoor operation, cover the welding machine to avoid rain.
4. When welding is not carried out (moving, repairing, adjusting, work break), the power should be cut off to avoid accidents