The composition of automatic welding equipment

Update:08 Jun 2022

1. The welding power source, its output power and weldi […]

1. The welding power source, its output power and welding characteristics should match the welding process method to be used, and be equipped with an interface connected to the main controller.

2. Wire feeder and its control and speed regulation system, for the wire feeder that requires higher control accuracy of wire feeding speed, its control circuit should increase the speed measurement feedback

3. The welding head uses its moving mechanism, which consists of the welding head, the welding head support frame, the hanging carriage, etc. It is based on the precision welding head mechanism, and its drive system should use a servo motor equipped with an encoder

4. Weldment moving or displacement mechanism, such as welding roller frame, head and tail frame turning machine, slewing platform and positioner, etc. The precise mobile displacement mechanism should be driven by servo motor

5. Weldment clamping mechanism

6. The main controller, also known as the system controller, is mainly used for the linkage control of each component, the control of the welding program, the setting, adjustment and display of the main welding parameters. Control functions such as fault diagnosis and man-machine dialogue can be extended if necessary.

7. Computer software, commonly used computer software in welding equipment are: programming software, functional software, process method software and expert system, etc.

8. Welding head guiding or tracking mechanism, arc voltage automatic controller, welding torch yaw and monitoring system

9. Auxiliary devices, such as wire feeding system, circulating water cooling system, flux recovery and conveying device, welding wire support, cable hose and drag chain structure design, three major parts of electrical control design.

10. Welding robots, also known as robotic arms, are an important part of automated welding equipment. Its main work includes: welding, cutting, thermal spraying, handling, etc.

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