Tungsten argon arc welding safety regulations

Update:23 Jul 2018

1) The welding work site must be equipped with fire pro […]

1) The welding work site must be equipped with fire protection equipment, such as sand boxes, fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, buckets, etc. The flammable materials shall not be less than 5m away from the welding place. If the specified distance cannot be met, it can be covered with asbestos board, asbestos cloth, etc. to prevent Mars from falling into flammable materials. Explosive items shall not be less than 10m away from welding. The argon arc welding work site should have good natural ventilation and fixed mechanical ventilation to reduce the hazards of argon arc welding of harmful gases and metal dust.
2) Manual tungsten argon arc welding machine should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, in strict accordance with the instructions for use. The welder should be thoroughly inspected before use. Make sure there are no hidden dangers and then turn on the power. After the no-load operation is normal, the welding can be performed. Ensure that the welder is wired correctly and must be well grounded to ensure safety. The power supply of the welding machine is controlled by the switch on the power board. It is forbidden to pull the switch to avoid burning the shape contacts.
3) The working condition of the argon arc welding gun cooling water system should be checked frequently, and it should be solved immediately if it is blocked or leaked to prevent burning of the welding torch and affecting the welding quality.
4) When the welder leaves the workplace or the welder is not in use, the power must be turned off. If the welder fails, it should be repaired by a professional. Safety measures such as electric shock prevention should be taken during maintenance. The welder should be dusted and cleaned at least once a year.
5) The high-frequency electromagnetic field generated by the high-frequency oscillator of the tungsten argon arc welding machine will cause some dizziness and fatigue. Therefore, the time of the high-frequency electromagnetic field should be minimized during welding, and the high-frequency power supply should be cut off immediately after the arc is ignited. The soft metal braided wire shield is applied outside the welding torch and the welding cable (one end of the hose is connected to the welding gun, the other end is grounded, and the outside is not insulated). If necessary, the crystal pulse arc should be used instead of the high frequency arc.
6) During argon arc welding, the intensity of ultraviolet light is very high, which may cause electro-optic ophthalmia, arc burn, and ozone and nitrogen oxides to stimulate the respiratory tract. Therefore, the welder should wear white canvas overalls, wear masks, masks and protective gloves, foot covers, etc. In order to prevent electric shock, the floor should be covered with insulating rubber near the workbench, and workers should wear insulated rubber shoes.