Use of hot melt butt welder

Update:06 Aug 2018

Use of hot melt butt welder 1, welding preparation The […]

Use of hot melt butt welder

1, welding preparation The preparation for welding is mainly to check whether the condition of the welding machine meets the working requirements.

For example, check whether the fasteners in various parts of the machine are loose or loose; check whether the electrical connection of the whole machine is correct and reliable; check whether the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic tank is sufficient; confirm that the power supply matches the requirements of the machine; whether the heating plate meets the requirements (Whether the coating is damaged); trial operation of milling cutters and oil pump switches, etc.

Then insert the slips with the same pipe specifications into the rack; set the temperature of the heating plate to the welding temperature (the welding temperature of the polyethylene pipe is 200~230 °C), and wipe the heating plate with soft paper or cloth alcohol before heating. Surface, but be careful not to scratch the PTFE release layer.