Welding positioner advantages

Update:19 Jul 2019

The welding positioner is a device that makes the weld […]

The welding positioner is a device that makes the weld be horizontal or boat-shaped by the rotation or inclination of the working day. The rotation of the table adopts the frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, and the tilting is driven by the sector gear or the hydraulic cylinder, and the operation machine can realize the joint control.
The advantages of welding positioner are as follows:
1. The operation is simpler and the performance is stable. The positioner is made according to the specific needs of different manufacturers, so the overall operation is also designed according to the habits of the merchants. This kind of equipment is simpler to operate, more stable, stable in performance, and can ensure the overall working efficiency, which is very suitable for everyone to choose.
2. Simple maintenance and long service life. The equipment has undergone an overall innovation, the quality of the new product is better, and it is more stable. It only needs to be used according to the normal operation mode. Generally, there is no problem. It is recommended that the relevant technical personnel use the equipment as well to ensure that no accidents will occur during the work.
In the past ten years, this product of positioner has made great progress in China's construction machinery industry and has been widely used. The use of welding displacement machinery can shorten the welding auxiliary time, improve labor productivity, reduce the labor intensity of workers, ensure and improve the welding quality, and fully exert the effectiveness of various welding methods. With the continuous development of computer technology, dynamic control and information technology in the manufacturing industry, welding positioner is also moving towards intelligent, multi-functional, large-scale, integrated, high-precision, high-reliability development of.