What are the main advantages of a butt welding machine

Update:18 Aug 2022

1. Energy saving. Radiator flash welding machine for tw […]

1. Energy saving. Radiator flash welding machine for two 125KVA resistance welding transformers for power, pneumatic compression, upsetting, no hydraulic station. Compared to other welding machines that use two 315KVA single-phase AC welding transformers and two 18KVA hydraulic station welders, the UN-250AB welder can save up to 78℅.

2. Low power grid requirements. It can only meet the grid of 250KVA.

3. High welding precision. Using programmable controller PLC and imported stepping motor to control the flashing process, the burning and burning speed can be set accurately; welding current is controlled by microcomputer welding controller. It can be controlled within ±0.2mm, which is convenient for subsequent welding parts.

4. Automatic centering function. Make sure that the two ends of the pipe are the same between the two ends to ensure the same amount of combustion at both ends.

5. High welding efficiency. With the time of workpiece pressure and force cylinder, the reaction speed is significantly faster than that of hydraulic cylinder.

6. Easy to operate and maintain. No hydraulic station, product debugging points, less fault points, no oil spills, etc.

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Hydraulic Butt Fusion plastic Welding Machine

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China

Brand Name:Chenghong

Input Voltage: 220V--230V

Usage: Butt Welding

Certification: CE ISO

Color: Red or customised

OEM: OEM Acceptable

Type: Hydraulic

Applicable Materials: PE, HDPE, PP, PVDF, PPR, PB