What are the main advantages of the butt welder

Update:11 Jan 2021

Butt welding machine is also called current welding mac […]

Butt welding machine is also called current welding machine or resistance welding machine. Using the resistance between the contact surfaces of the two workpieces, a low voltage and large current is passed instantaneously to heat the contact surfaces of the two interface metals and instantly melt and fuse.

Butt welding machine can be divided into flash butt welding machine, steel butt welding machine and copper rod butt welding machine according to different welding methods. Flash butt welding mainly uses the contact resistance of the workpiece to generate heat to heat the workpiece. The metal surface melts, the temperature gradient is large, and the heat affected zone is relatively small. The welded joint is formed under plastic deformation of the solid metal opposite to the workpiece. The structure and composition of the weld are close to the base metal (or after heat treatment), so it is easier to obtain equal strength plastic welded joints. The flash evaporation process has the effect of exhausting air and reducing the self-protection of metal oxidation. Forging can also discharge liquid metal oxides from welds. There are fewer defects such as weld inclusions and incomplete penetration. The flash process has a strong self-adjustment function, low requirements for strict consistency of the specification, and stable welding quality. The welding cross-sectional area of ​​the unit needs low electric power, and the welding of low carbon steel only needs (0.1-0.3) kVA/mm2 electric power. High welding productivity. It only takes a few seconds to tens of seconds to weld the joints.

The main advantages of butt welding machine:

1. Energy saving. The radiator flash butt welding machine uses two 125kVA resistance welding transformers as power sources, pneumatic compression, upsetting, and no hydraulic station. Compared with other welding machines that use two 315kVA single-phase AC resistance welding transformers and two 18kVA hydraulic stations, the UN-250AB welding machine can save 78 sets.

2. Low power grid requirements. Only 250kVA power grid is needed to meet the requirements.

3. High welding accuracy. Using PLC and imported stepping motor to control the flashing process, the burning amount and burning speed can be set accurately. A microcomputer welding resistance controller is used to control the welding current. After welding, the chip center distance error can be controlled within (+0.2mm), which is convenient for subsequent assembly welding.

4, automatic alignment function. Before welding, the distance between the ends of the pipe string and the ends of the chips should be the same to ensure the consistency of the combustion volume at both ends.

5. High welding efficiency. Since the workpiece is pressed by a double-force cylinder, its reaction speed is significantly faster than that of a hydraulic cylinder.

6. Convenient operation and maintenance. Since there is no hydraulic station, there are few debugging points and failure points, and no oil leakage.

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