What industries does the butt welding machine apply to?

Update:01 Jun 2020

The butt welding machine is very useful between steel b […]

The butt welding machine is very useful between steel bars and steel bars, and can be welded seamlessly or according to customer needs. It is widely used in manufacturing industries such as wheel rims, tools, knives, wires, wire nets, window frames, etc. It has the advantages of high welding efficiency and high weld strength. The ability to weld has also evolved with varying degrees.
The butt welding machine uses the two ends of the electrode to respectively press the two ports of the butt welding part. After the power is turned on, the two forging ports are gradually advanced by the forging cylinder at a set speed. The current density of the part that the port contacts first during the approach is extremely large , It will instantly liquefy to form a metal lintel and blast when there is a metal splash, that is, flash; as the port gradually approaches, the connection points gradually increase, and then the entire end surface has formed numerous liquid metal lintels, and continuous blasting, heating the end surface to After the critical point of plasticity and liquid state, a large upset forging force is applied to the two end faces immediately and the pressure is maintained for a period of time, and the two end faces are welded together to form a stable joint. The butt welding machine is mainly used for the butt joint of the end faces of the parts. Generally, the butt end faces have the same shape and cross section. They can be used for plates, round bars, square bars, pipe fittings, and profiles. The connection area between copper and dissimilar metals can reach 10000mm2.
According to the difference of flash kinetic energy structure, butt welding machine is divided into hand-pull type, gas-liquid mixed type, servo motor type and hydraulic type.

Butt welding machine cutting range
1) The lower level echo cutter of the butt welding machine cleans the table. When handling long steel bars, someone should help and follow the operation commands. The butt welding machine must not be arbitrarily push-pull.
(2) Before starting, you must check that the tool should be free of cracks, head bolts, and be firmly protected. Then turn the pulley by hand, check the meshing clearance of the gear, and adjust the blade clearance.
(3) The butt welding machine starts to run, and check the normal operation of transmission parts and bearings.
(4) When the machine has not reached the normal speed without cutting. The middle and lower half of the cutter must be used to cut off, take a quick turn into steel at the edge, the operator should stand side punching steel fixed blade, should prevent the bar from popping out at the end of the cut. The blades on both sides without points hold the steel bar with both hands and bend down to feed.
(5) Reinforcing and hot steel bars with uncut strength exceeding the mechanical nameplate requirements. Once cut at the bar, the cross-sectional area should be within the specified range.