What is the scope of application of cold welding repair machine for butt welding machine

Update:21 Sep 2020

Scope of cold welding repair machine for butt welding m […]

Scope of cold welding repair machine for butt welding machine: Cold welding repair machine is a professional precision repair welding equipment for casting pinholes, sand holes, pores, cracks, bumps, scratches, pits, surface wear of mechanical parts, mold wear and other small defects . It is widely used in mold industry, foundry industry, electrical appliance manufacturing industry, medical equipment, automobile, shipbuilding, boiler, construction, bridge construction and other industries. 2. Applicable materials for cold welding repair machine: The cold welding repair machine uses ordinary welding wire as the repair material. The materials are: gray iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, carbon steel, die steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper, etc., as long as it is conductive metal Can be patched.
Spot welding machine welding is flexible, simple, convenient, firm and reliable. Automatic welding machine welding is an electrical appliance that supplies power with certain characteristics for welding. After the automatic welding machine has the same strength as the base material, it is widely used in various industrial fields, such as aerospace, shipbuilding, automobiles, and containers.

The automatic welding machine converts 220V and 380V alternating current into low-voltage direct current. The electric welding machine (electrweldmachin is actually a transformer with lower external characteristics. Generally, electric welding machines can be divided into two types according to the output power source. One is AC power and the other is The direct current welding machine can be said to be a high-power rectifier. It is divided into positive and negative poles. When the alternating current is input, it is transformed by the transformer, and then rectified by the rectifier, and then outputs the power supply with reduced external characteristics. The output terminal is connected and When disconnected, a huge voltage change will be produced. When the two poles are short-circuited in an instant, the arc will be ignited. The arc will be used to melt the electrode and welding material. After cooling, the welding transformer has its own characteristics. The external characteristic is the electrode. The characteristic that the voltage drops sharply after ignition.