Working principle and technical requirements of welding machine

Update:05 Jul 2019

The welding machine can weld all kinds of welds and var […]

The welding machine can weld all kinds of welds and various methods to metal containers and metal welding dismantled parts. Widely used in wind power equipment, pressure vessels, petrochemical pipelines, steel structures, boilers, shipbuilding, surfacing repair and many other industries. The welding positioner is a universal and efficient welding equipment for ring seam welding.
First of all, because the welding machine uses a hydraulic transmission, combined with a highly integrated valve block and a large flow path, the pressure loss of the entire system is much reduced; the sealing performance of the welding machine is very high. Mainly used are imported components imported from abroad. Secondly, the oil temperature can be well controlled, because the oil circuit of the welding machine is designed with clever ideas, so that the entire hydraulic system presents a good appearance, even if it is used for a long time, there will be no big problems. The operating system of the welding manipulator is a cycloidal gear motor, which effectively realizes the infinitely variable speed travel of large vehicles because the mechanism uses the pressure of the accumulator to repay the pressure and make it stronger.
The technical requirements for the welding machine are as follows:
The first technical requirement of the welding machine operating machine is the slewing drive: the slewing drive should realize stepless speed regulation and can be reversed. In the range of the slewing speed, the speed fluctuation does not exceed 5% when subjected to the maximum load.
The second technical requirement for the welding manipulator is followed by the tilting drive:
The tilting drive should be smooth and not shaken under the maximum load. The whole machine must not be overturned. If the maximum load Q exceeds 25kg, it should have the power drive function. It should be equipped with a limit device to control the tilt angle and have an angle indicating sign. The tilting mechanism should have The self-locking function does not slide under the maximum load and is safe and reliable.