Application scope of butt welding machine

Update:04 Nov 2022

The butt welding machine, also known as the resistance […]

The butt welding machine, also known as the resistance butt welding machine, is mainly suitable for high-speed and mass operations. It uses the resistance butt welding method, which has a high utilization rate of electric energy and good welding effect. It can carry out multiple parameter memory settings with fast reaction speed. The welding produces small burrs, thus reducing the welding defect rate. The equipment is used for welding wires and cables, bicycle baskets, enamelled wires, steel wire products, leather case frames and flat iron wire products.

Structure and characteristics:

The welding machine transformer adopts vertical unidirectional shell structure, with high welding efficiency and low loss.

Different welding dies can be replaced according to different welding objects, which is easier to use.

The internal voltage of the equipment is changed from 380V to 36V, with good safety performance.

It is suitable for welding carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy and other metal materials.

Butt welding machine is very useful between steel bars. It can be used for seamless welding or various welding methods according to customer needs. It is applicable to wire products, hardware lighting, kitchen appliances, cars, small household appliances, hardware and other occasions where it will contribute to the welding machine. The ability to weld also develops with varying degrees.

For all kinds of butt welding machines, in different occasions, it will certainly play a significant role. We can try to provide some good supporting and service for some occasions.