Advantages of butt welding machine

Update:09 Nov 2022

1. The welding efficiency is high. Since the workpiece […]

1. The welding efficiency is high. Since the workpiece is compressed by a force multiplying cylinder, its reaction speed is obviously faster than that of the hydraulic cylinder

2. The automatic centering function ensures that the spacing between the two ends of the string and the two head ends is consistent before welding, so as to ensure that the burning amount at both ends is consistent

3. The operation and maintenance service are convenient. Since there is no hydraulic station, there are few debugging points and fault points of the product, and no oil leakage will occur

4. Low requirements for power grid. Only 250KVA power grid can meet the requirements

5. High welding accuracy The flash process is controlled by PLC and imported step by step, which can accurately set the burning amount and burning speed; The microcomputer resistance welding controller is used to control the welding current. The center distance error of the head after welding can be controlled within ± 0.2mm, which is convenient for subsequent chip assembly welding

6. Energy saving The radiator flash butt welding machine uses two 125KVA resistance welding transformers as power supply, pneumatic compression, upset forging, and no hydraulic station Compared with other welding machines using two 315KVA single-phase AC resistance welding transformers and two 18KVA hydraulic stations, the UN-250AB welding machine can save 78% of electricity

Safety Operation Procedures for Butt Welders

1. The butt welding machine shall be placed indoors and reliably grounded (connected to neutral). If multiple butt welders are installed in parallel, the spacing shall not be less than 3m, and they shall be connected to the power grid of different phases respectively, with their own knife type contact points. The electrodes shall be polished regularly, and all connecting bolts of the secondary circuit shall be fastened regularly. The temperature of cooling water shall not exceed 40 ℃; The displacement shall be adjusted according to the temperature.

5. When welding long reinforcement, brackets shall be set. Operators who cooperate with the handling of reinforcement shall pay attention to prevent sparks from scalding during welding.

6. The flashing area shall be set with baffle, and irrelevant personnel shall not enter during welding.

7. During winter construction, the indoor temperature shall not be lower than 8 ℃. Drain the cooling water in the machine during operation.

8. Make shift handover records carefully, and inspect and repair at any time.

9. The butt welding machine must have a special switch box, and the motor shell must have a neutral protection device.