Butt welder is a step-down transformer

Update:09 Oct 2022

The main component of the butt welding machine is a ste […]

The main component of the butt welding machine is a step-down transformer, and the two ends of the secondary coil are the workpiece to be welded and the electrode. When working, the arc is ignited, and the electrode is fused into the gap of the workpiece at the high temperature of the arc. Because the iron core of the welding transformer has its own characteristics, it has the characteristics of a sharp drop in voltage, that is, the voltage drops after the electrode is ignited; when the electrode is stuck and short-circuited, the voltage drops sharply. Next, the editor will introduce the principle of butt welding machine and the advantages of butt welding machine.

What the butt welding machine uses is that the resistance will generate heat when the workpiece is in contact with each other, so as to achieve the purpose of heating the workpiece and make the metal surface melt, and the weld is formed under the condition of plastic deformation of the solid phase metal of the workpiece counterpart. The grain, weld structure and composition are close to the base metal, so it is easier to obtain equal-strength and equal-plastic welded joints. In the process of flashing, it has the self-protection function of exhausting air and reducing metal oxidation, so that there are fewer defects such as inclusions and incomplete penetration of welds.

Advantages of Butt Welding Machines
1. High welding efficiency. Since the workpiece is pressed by the double force cylinder, its reaction speed is significantly faster than that of the hydraulic cylinder.
2. Automatic centering function. Ensure that the distance between the two ends of the pipe column and the two ends of the piece is the same before welding, so as to ensure the same amount of burning at both ends.
3. Easy to operate and maintain. Because there is no hydraulic station, the product has fewer debugging points and fault points, and there will be no oil leakage.
4. The requirements for the power grid are low. Only a 250KVA power grid can be satisfied.
5. High welding precision. Using programmable controller PLC and imported stepping to control the flashing process, the burning amount and burning speed can be set; the welding current is controlled by the microcomputer welding resistance controller. The center distance error of the film head after welding can be controlled Within ±0.2mm, it is convenient for subsequent assembly and welding.
6. Energy saving. The radiator flash butt welding machine uses two 125KVA welding resistance transformers as the power source, pneumatic pressing, upsetting, and no hydraulic station. Compared with other single-phase AC welding resistance transformers of 315KVA, two sets of 315KVA are used. And two welding machines with a power of 18KVA hydraulic station, the UN-250AB welding machine can save electricity up to 78%