Welding process treatment of butt welder

Update:12 Oct 2022

The staff shall be familiar with the welding process of […]

The staff shall be familiar with the welding process of butt welding machine:

1. Continuous flash welding: continuous flash, upset forging, and electric heating treatment on the welding machine after upset forging;

2. Preheating flash welding: primary flash, burning preheating, secondary flash, upset forging.

2、 The operator must be familiar with the mechanical and technical properties used (such as transformer stage, welding section, welding times, upset force, feeding stroke), and the location and application of main components.

3、 The operator shall be able to select welding parameters according to mechanical properties and weldments.

4、 Weldment preparation: remove rust, oil stain and dust within 120 mm of the reinforcement end. If the end is bent, it shall be straightened or cut off.

5、 The butt welding machine shall be installed indoors and shall be reliably grounded (or connected to neutral). When multiple butt welders are installed together, the distance between them shall be at least 3 meters. They are connected to different power supplies. Each set shall have its own control switch. The conductor from the switch box to the machine body shall be provided with protective sleeve. The cross-section of the conductor shall not be less than the specified cross-sectional area.

6、 Check all parts of the welding machine before operation.

1. Whether mechanical parts such as pressure lever are flexible;

2. Whether various clamps are firm;

3. Whether the power supply and water supply are normal.

7、 Combustibles near the operation site shall be removed and fire-fighting equipment shall be prepared. Operators must wear protective glasses and gloves, and the standing ground should be padded with wood or other insulating materials.

8、 The operator must correctly adjust and use the welding current to adapt to the section of the steel bar being welded. It is strictly forbidden to weld reinforcement with diameter exceeding the specified diameter.

9、 The contact point of the circuit breaker shall be wiped with sandpaper frequently, and the electrode shall be filed regularly. All screws of the secondary circuit shall be tightened regularly to avoid overheating.

10、 The temperature of cooling water shall not exceed 40 ℃, and the water discharge shall meet the specified requirements.

11、 Long reinforcement shall be placed on the support when butt welding. The personnel accompanying the transportation of reinforcement shall pay attention to prevent sparks from scalding. During handling, the welding area shall be hot.

12、 The semi-finished products after welding shall be stacked neatly.

13、 Baffles shall be set in the flash area, and other personnel are prohibited from entering during welding.

14、 After welding in winter, the cooling water in the welding machine shall be drained to avoid freezing the cooling system.