Classification of surfacing equipment

Update:21 Sep 2019

The surfacing equipment can be divided into a double-he […]

The surfacing equipment can be divided into a double-head (or multi-head) roll surfacing machine, a roll press automatic roll surfacing machine and a single-head roll submerged arc surfacing machine. The equipment configuration of the single-head roll submerged arc surfacing machine is as follows : Single head welding machine body, welding machine head and surfacing welding torch (including carriage), welding oscillating device, submerged arc welding power source, flux recovery system, welding cable assembly (including drag chain) and electrical control system.
First, adapt to the workpiece and welding method
1. Workpiece situation:
Wheel diameter: 800mm, maximum weight: 500kg
Roller maximum diameter: 300mm, maximum length: 1500mm Maximum weight: 1000kg
2. Welding method: submerged arc surfacing
3. According to the requirements of the welding process, different welding processes such as spiral surfacing, step surfacing, swing surfacing and so on can be selected. Preset welding parameters, changing parameters and state transitions, and program storage and recall can be easily preset through the touch human-machine interface.
Second, the workpiece welding process
1. Install the workpiece to the positioning tool, and adjust the welding gun to the left and right in the manual mode to align the welding gun with the welding point.
2. Select the welding process and method on the touch screen. And set the welding parameters of the process to adjust the appropriate welding current and voltage.
3. Switch to the automatic mode. After the workpiece is clamped, press the start button. The welding program will automatically open the cooling, start the arc, start the workpiece, open the welding swing, and automatically according to the set speed, weld bead width, number of weld layers and other parameters. carry out.
4. After the welding is completed, the program automatically stops each action.
5. Remove the workpiece and wait for the next cycle. If the welding process is the same, adjust the welding gun to the weld and press the start again to repeat the same welding.