Single head welding machine

Update:30 Sep 2019

The composition and configuration of the single-head ro […]

The composition and configuration of the single-head roll welding machine is a machine tool gantry type, which mainly includes gantry, horizontal welding machine, automatic submerged arc welding system, electrical control system and safety protection device.
(a) gantry
The gantry frame is composed of a column, a beam, a beam moving trolley, and a welding head adjusting carriage. Features: The column is made of two rectangular steel tubes welded and machined. The advantage is that the weight is light, the rigidity is good, the appearance is beautiful, and the column is fixed on the back side of the bed of the horizontal welding machine.
(2) Horizontal welding machine
The horizontal welding machine consists of a drive head frame, a machine base, a bracket, and a tailstock device. The driving head frame is mounted on the machine base (see the main view at the mounting position). The mounting surface on the base and the mounting surface of the head frame are finished, which ensures the positional accuracy of the head center of the head frame and the lateral position of the rotary axis.
(3) Automatic submerged arc welding system
The welding system consists of MZ-1000 welding power source, welding head, welding oscillator, welding recovery machine and so on. It is characterized by precise digital control, precise parameter setting, protection functions such as overheating, open circuit and short circuit, soft switching inverter technology, energy saving and reliability.
(4) Welding torch for welding
In the process of automatic surfacing welding, the welding torch is an indispensable part, and it needs to work under long time and high current working conditions, so the quality of the welding torch directly affects the quality of the welding. The welding torch is equipped with a wear-resistant welding torch nozzle to avoid contact failure and bad welding.
(5) Electrical control system
The electrical control system of the whole set of equipment adopts integrated digital integrated control; the control of the rotational speed of the drive adopts AC frequency conversion speed regulation; the installation of overheating, overvoltage and overcurrent protection devices ensures the safe operation of the welder.