Daily necessities welding machine

Update:23 Feb 2019

The precision ultrasonic daily necessities plastic weld […]

The precision ultrasonic daily necessities plastic welding machine uses the ultrasonic plastic welding principle to weld the welding parts, and provides ultrasonic welding machines of 15KHZ, 20KHZ and 28KHZ according to the product requirements. Adopt advanced Japanese ultrasonic circuits. It is equipped with ultrasonic frequency compensation system and multiple ultrasonic protection programs. It is suitable for high-precision watertight, airtight and high-demand ultrasonic products. It has the advantages of firm welding surface, good air tightness and water tightness, high strength, beautiful appearance and environmental protection. Used for welding, riveting, forming, metal and plastic inlays of fusible plastic products. Widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, auto parts, plastic toys, stationery, daily necessities, handicrafts, cosmetics and other industries.
The precision ultrasonic daily necessities plastic welding machine adopts the rectangular column design. The welding body does not squat, the pressure is more uniform and the performance is more stable. The ultrasonic transducers in Germany, Japan, Taiwan and the United States have strong and stable output; the center of the welding head The use of limit structure ensures that the welding is not offset, and the linear ball slides ensure long-term high-precision welding movement of the ultrasonic welding machine. The precision ultrasonic plastic welding machine uses CPU computer to monitor each program, with high speed and strong adaptability. Kind of protection system. Such as: voltage protection system, ultrasonic welding machine power supply voltage range of 180V ~ 260V, during the automatic flat constant voltage, does not affect the ultrasonic machine output power and operating frequency; overload protection system, overcurrent protection, power supply frequency instability automatic compensation, full Automatic frequency modulation (AFC), adapt to various sizes of welding molds and different design molds.