Plastic bottle cap ultrasonic welding machine application

Update:15 Feb 2019

Plastic bottle cap ultrasonic welding machine is mainly […]

Plastic bottle cap ultrasonic welding machine is mainly used for welding of round plastic caps such as wine bottle caps, cosmetic caps, beverage caps, food caps, etc.; generally applicable to PP, PE, ABS, AS, PC, POM, PVC And PET products, such as:
Toy industry: such as toy guns, water guns, telephones, key chains and general plastic toys
Household items: gold soft brush, shower head, anti-counterfeit bottle cap, cosmetic bottle cap, coffee pot, washing machine, air dehumidifier, electric iron, electric kettle, vacuum cleaner and general container and other injection molded parts;
Electronics industry: USB connector, Bluetooth, plastic case, mobile phone accessories, mobile phone case, battery case, nylon strap, calculator, audio case, charger, battery, business card holder, folder, photo album, computer keyboard, ink cartridge, Instrumentation plastic parts welding and plastic implanting;
Automotive industry: manufacturing body plastic parts, automotive doors, automotive instrumentation, sun visors, interior parts, filters, reflective materials, reflective spikes, bumpers, cables, plastic filters for motorcycles, radiators, Brake fluid tank, oil cup, water tank, fuel tank, air duct, exhaust gas purifier, pallet filter plate, automobile lamp, automobile oil pot, welding plastic front part, rear headlight, rearview mirror, etc. Ultrasonic welding and hot melt welding;
Packaging industry: cosmetic case, PVC packaging box, toothpaste tube, etc.;
General commercial products: typewriter ribbons, video cassettes, cassettes, computer disks, etc.