Electrofusion welding machine belt welding simple operation instructions

Update:10 Sep 2021

1. Product components: 1. Electric heating tape 2. PE g […]

1. Product components:
1. Electric heating tape
2. PE glue stick (need to purchase and use)

2. Construction tools and accessories: electric welding machine, stainless steel buckle, U-shaped clamp, woolen buckle, rubber hammer,
Insulating gloves, wires, surface thermometers.

3. Operating procedures:
1. Put the two pipes to be constructed off the ground and align them horizontally.
2. Remove the dirt, moisture and other debris sticking to the surface of the pipe.
3. Use woolen buckle tape to wrap the electric melting tape on the connecting part of the pipe and wrap it tightly, and place the end with the terminal on the lower layer of the overlap. Make sure that the joint of the pipe is located in the middle of the electric heating tape.
4. Wrap the stainless steel buckle on the electric melting tape and fasten it with U-shaped clamps, insert the PE glue stick into the joint where the electric melting tape is overlapped, and tighten the stainless steel buckle so that the electric melting tape is tightly attached to the tube. On the wall.
5. Connect the power supply of the electric welding machine to the electric welding belt, start the electric welding machine after setting the heating time, and carefully adjust the heating current. The current setting value of the 380V electric welding machine and the 220V electric welding machine are larger. Difference, (refer to the attached table for heating time and current). During the heating process, the electric heating tape can be closely attached to the surface of the pipe by inserting a flat mouth and changing a knife.
6. When the electrothermal melting process is completed (At this time, the temperature of the temperature measuring point on the electrothermal melting belt will reach about 92℃, and the heating time should be extended if the temperature is too low.) Turn off the power and tighten the stainless steel belt again appropriately.
7. After the electric heating tape is fully cooled (see the attached table for cooling time), remove the stainless steel buckle and finish the construction.

4. Safety matters
1. Wear insulating gloves during construction. Welding is not allowed when the joints are wet to avoid electric shock.
2. Avoid scalding the human body by the high temperature joint after electric heating.