Fully automatic hot melt butt welding

Update:08 Sep 2018

Fully automatic hot melt butt welding The characteristi […]

Fully automatic hot melt butt welding
The characteristics of the welder are:
1 The optimal welding parameters of pipes of different materials, calibers and SDRs have been set in advance;
2 automatic control of welding time, temperature and pressure;
3 drag pressure automatic detection and compensation;
4 The heating plate is automatically popped up, and the temperature loss is minimized;
5 automatic monitoring and prompting of the whole process in each step of the welding process;
6 fast clamping system improves work efficiency by 30%;
7 The welding process dynamic data can be printed out or downloaded to the quality inspector PC through the data transmission system to review the welder and the operator's on-site performance;
The 8 database can store up to 600 interfaces related to welding parameters.