Manual hot melt butt welder

Update:27 Aug 2018

Manual hot melt butt welder The manual hot-melt butt we […]

Manual hot melt butt welder
The manual hot-melt butt welder consists of a frame, a milling cutter, a heating plate, and a hydraulic control box, as shown in the following figure.
The performance and characteristics of this series of welders are:
1 Suitable for hot melt butt joint of PE, PP and other plastic pipes;
2 The whole machine is composed of hydraulic station, electrical box, frame, heating device and milling device;
3 split structure, all parts are light and easy to move, the clamp is separated from the operating platform, easy to operate under the ditch;
4 The docking pressure is provided by the hydraulic power source, and the cutting pressure is provided by the three-phase power source, so that the whole machine is reliable in operation and stable in operation;
5 fixture adopts double ferrule superimposed structure, the pipe docking precision is high, and it is easy to adjust the wrong amount;
6Adopting the electromagnetic reversing valve to control the advance and retreat of the cylinder, the operation is more convenient;
7 heating system uses intelligent electronic temperature control, temperature control accuracy is more accurate and intuitive.