How to operate butt welding machine safely

Update:22 Dec 2022

(1) The butt welder cleans the low-level echo cutter on […]

(1) The butt welder cleans the low-level echo cutter on the table top, and the length of the table can be determined according to the length of the material. When handling long steel bars, someone should come out to help and according to the operator's order, it is not allowed to push and pull at will.
(2) Before starting, you must check that the tool should be free of cracks, head bolts and firmly protected. Then check the engagement clearance of the gear and adjust the blade clearance with the belt pulley rotated by hand.
(3) During the next idling operation, check the normal operation of transmission parts and bearings.
(4) When the machine does not cut before it reaches the normal speed. The middle and lower half of the cutter must be used to cut off, and the operator shall stand at the side to press the steel fixed blade to prevent the column from popping at the end of cutting. The leaves on both sides of the spot are bent down with both hands to feed.
(5) Reinforcing and hot reinforcement with non cutting strength exceeding that specified on the mechanical nameplate. Once cut in the bar, the total cross-sectional area should be within the specified range.
(6) When you should replace the cutting tools for cutting low alloy steel and high hardness, the cutting regulations should follow the mechanical nameplate.
(7) The distance between the blade and the blade shall be kept more than 150 mm during cutting. If the end is less than 400 mm, the cylinder or pressed steel shall be short or trimmed.
(8) It is prohibited to remove hands, steel swing around and near non operator edges directly from nearby damage and debris.
(9) If the machine cannot operate normally, and there is no abnormal noise during operation or if the cutter is inclined, stop the machine immediately to check. Repair and maintenance must be switched off and the power supply must be cut off.
(10) - During the operation of the hydraulic cutting machine, check and ensure that the rotation direction of the motor and the hydraulic oil level meet the requirements. Once started, the no-load operation release valve is opened to exhaust the air in the hydraulic cylinder, which can be enhanced.
(11) Before the manual hydraulic cutting machine is used, the drain valve should be tightened clockwise. After the cutting, it should now be unscrewed counterclockwise. To operate, hold hands, stabilize and cut the machine and wear insulating gloves.
(12) After the operation, the power was cut off, and the cutter and clutter remover were cleaned and lubricated with wire brushes.