How to prevent electric shock of butt welding machine

Update:30 Dec 2022

Speaking of butt welding machine, we must discuss the s […]

Speaking of butt welding machine, we must discuss the safe use of welding machine. Because the welding machine is a kind of power equipment, it will be very dangerous if you get electric shock, so we always want to take some measures to prevent the welding machine from contacting:
1. The butt welding machine chassis must be grounded. The purpose of grounding is to prevent accidental electrification of the shell of the welding machine, which is essential in any case. Butt welding machine can widely use natural grounding electrode, such as water pipe, metal structure with reliable connection structure with the earth, etc. However, flammable and explosive pipes must not be used as natural grounding electrodes. If the natural grounding resistance is greater than 4 Ω, the artificial grounding body shall be used. Otherwise, electric shock accident or even fire may be caused.
2. The insulation of welding electrode clamp must be reliable. It is prohibited to use welding clamp without shell to prevent accidents.
3. The personnel must wear gloves when changing welding. If the clothes are soaked by sweat, they do not rely on metal and electric shock.
4. For the maintenance of the welding machine, the construction personnel must disconnect the power switch, switch to an obvious disconnection interval, and check with an electric pen to ensure that there is a power failure that can be repaired.
5. When moving the butt welding machine, the power must be cut off. It is not allowed to move the welding machine cable by dragging.
6. In case of sudden power failure of butt welding machine during operation, the power supply shall be cut off immediately to prevent sudden electric shock.