How to use the electric welding machine

Update:26 Sep 2021

1. After connecting the power cord and confirming the i […]

1. After connecting the power cord and confirming the input voltage, select the corresponding voltage.
2. Turn on the main power switch, and choose the welding time and current according to the ambient temperature and pipe diameter.
l Welding machine operation steps
Get ready for work-connect the input and output wires-select the input voltage-turn on the main power switch-turn on the work switch-set the heating time-adjust the current to the reference value (slow adjustment) start welding-after the time is up The buzzer sounds and automatically cuts off the power-turn off the work switch-the current adjustment knob turns-remove the connecting wire plug-cool down according to the specified time-check-the end of the work;
(Note: The input voltage must be selected before turning on the main power switch)
3. Problems in the construction of steel belt reinforced spiral corrugated pipe
1. The quality of the pipes is poor, and the construction party is brutally working. In the production process, inferior steel strips or completely recycled materials are used. The process quality is difficult to control, and the quality of the pipes is poor; coupled with the rough construction during the construction process, the pipes are damaged, cracked, deformed, and leaked, leaving hidden dangers to the project.
2. The pipe network connection method is improper and the connection strength is not enough. Using a single form, such as only using electric heating tape for connection, the strength of the interface cannot be guaranteed. It is recommended to use extrusion welding and electric heating tape or heat shrinkable sleeves in combination.
3. Irregular pipe cuts. Cut the overlapped edge of the electric heating tape completely, and the electric heating tape is not attached, and the welding strength is completely lacking.
4. Before welding, due to the on-site conditions of the construction site, the pipes are connected up and down, and the left and right gaps are too large. The electric heating tape is forcibly connected with only 5mm overlap. The defects in the pipe joints are obvious.
5. The power source is far away and the cable is thinner. The voltage drop is severe, the welding time is short, and the current does not meet the requirements, causing the welding failure of the electrothermal welding tape.
6. Extrusion welding speed is too fast, welding strength is poor, and there is not enough heat to process the base material.
7. The trench has high groundwater level, precipitation and drainage are sloppy, soft clay foundation, and no treatment measures. If the water level is high, the groove foundation of the pipeline is bound to be poor. Between the pipeline and the pipeline, the wells will cause uneven settlement, which may cause deformation, cracking, and water leakage between the pipes and between the pipe wells.
8. Backfilling is not timely. The biggest disadvantage of plastic pipes is that the coefficient of linear expansion is large. Due to thermal expansion and contraction, there is a large difference in expansion or contraction inside the pipe, which can easily cause capping or break the pipe well or pipe connection, causing water leakage in the pipe network. It may also cause uneven settlement, elevation, and displacement of the foundation, resulting in warping and cracking of the pipe joints.
9. The backfill method is wrong. Do not adopt artificial layered backfilling and compaction. Excavators and bulldozers are used to push out the pit, and the forklift directly backfills. The backfill density is low, which is easy to cause pipe displacement, flattening, large deformation, warping, uneven settlement, and water leakage at pipe wells or joints.
10. The supervisor lowered the project quality requirements, coordinated poorly, and commanded brutally. In order to reduce construction costs and lower the requirements of project quality management, the builder bids, constructs, and produces at the lowest price, and the pipeline manufacturer also constructs in accordance with the lowest standard, causing hidden dangers in the project.
The existence of the above-mentioned problems will inevitably bring serious negative effects to pipe manufacturers and the plastic pipe industry, and bring major hidden dangers to pipeline construction. The occurrence of quality problems in a certain project in a certain area is bound to bring a devastating blow to the entire plastics industry. Pipes are not allowed and no entry is allowed. Therefore, for ourselves and for the healthy development of the entire plastics industry, we must attach importance to product quality, construction quality, backfill quality, and service quality, and earnestly fulfill the role of training, guidance, and supervision to ensure project quality and ensure the healthy development of the industry.