Performance analysis of automatic welding machine

Update:06 Mar 2023

If you want to make better use of the automatic welding […]

If you want to make better use of the automatic welding machine, ensure the smooth operation of the machine and equipment, and improve the work efficiency, you can't do without understanding the machine and equipment. In order to help you understand more about machines and equipment, the structure and corresponding characteristics of automatic welding equipment are introduced below.

For welding power supply, when selecting automatic welding machine equipment to weld mechanical parts, the most important thing is to ensure production and processing. Therefore, when selecting welding power supply, the pulse transformer of inverter power supply should be selected to ensure its full digital characteristics. In addition, when connecting with the control system, the power supply shall ensure that the interface is suitable for connection and indicate the corresponding welding parameters. When inputting welding parameters, you can use the teaching pendant. Please adjust the main parameters online according to the specific welding requirements. In addition, unlike manual electric welding, when using automatic welding equipment to weld parts, the model and specification of the selected electrode and current quantity must be above level 1. Therefore, in the process of selecting welding power supply, the current download rate must reach 100%.

The main structure and control panel of the main body and control panel of the automatic welding machine are key parts. The main structure type is usually six-axis joint type, which should meet the following standards. The common mining materials have strong corrosion resistance, can not contain radioactive substances, and the structural form is rigid. The key driving force of the automatic welding body comes from the AC servo. According to the position information, the path measurement system is carried to maintain the dynamic characteristics, and the welding precision can meet the specific production and manufacturing requirements. In addition, the whole system is digitally controlled according to the field bus, and all control functions of the equipment system are realized by using the digital control board. Since the power distribution system hardly causes electromagnetic interference to the equipment control system, the welding equipment can show good reproducibility. In addition, in order to prevent other equipment in the control panel from being polluted by dust and causing failure, please take dust-proof measures for such machinery and equipment to ensure the stability of the overall operation of the equipment system.

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