Features of automatic welding machine

Update:03 Mar 2023

Working principle of transformer: using the magnetic ef […]

Working principle of transformer: using the magnetic effect of current, electromagnetic energy is transmitted from one power circuit to another power circuit or one of the household appliances in the transmission signal is the main element of electromagnetic energy transmission or transmission signal.
Transformer is a device that can change the working voltage by using the magnetic effect of current. The transformer is composed of iron core and electromagnetic coil. The inductance coil is divided into secondary coil and secondary coil. When AC current is applied to the secondary coil, the power transformer will produce alternating magnetic field. The secondary coil will induce the same AC current as the primary and secondary frequency. The coil number ratio of inductance coil is equal to the voltage ratio.
Features of automatic welding machine:
1. The coil of junior high school is made of flat copper wire and wound into a disc.
2. The secondary winding is generally one turn, and multiple copper plates or tubes are selected and connected in parallel. The edge of each piece is welded with a ground drain for cooling. When copper tubes are used as the secondary winding, the copper tubes themselves also serve as the ground drain.
3. The arrangement of the secondary and secondary coils is that each side of the secondary winding is close to a primary and secondary coil, forming an assembly. The number of assemblies required for a resistance welding transformer depends on the capacity and structural requirements of the resistance welding transformer, and is calculated and arranged by the design scheme.
4. The iron core of resistance welding transformer is shell type.
5. The cooling mode of automatic welding machine is water cooling. When the resistance welding transformer works, the heat caused by the secondary coil depends on the cooling circulating water in the secondary winding copper water pipe.