Precautions for capacitor welder portable plastic extrusion welder

Update:13 Aug 2021

Special note for welding machine: 1. Use the sixth gear […]

Special note for welding machine:
1. Use the sixth gear of the fan to heat for 10-12 minutes to feed and work, and use the "D" or "E" gear for the main engine speed.

2. When the main engine stops working (when the worker is resting), the fan must be turned to the low position, and it is strictly forbidden to continue heating in the high heat position. Otherwise, since the heat cannot be dissipated, it will cause serious damage to the fan.

3. Before stopping use, the fan must be turned to the "O" position, and the cold air must be blown for 3~5 minutes to discharge the residual heat before turning off the fan.

4. When working continuously for three hours, the machine should be blown with cold air for 5-10 minutes to cool down, and then restart the work.

5. It is strictly forbidden to rotate the main engine and feed the welding rod when the heating time is insufficient, and also not to heat for a long time, otherwise the fan may be easily damaged.

6. When the hot air moves with the welding machine, the surface of the material to be welded will be blown by the hot air and become delustered. It is not that the higher the temperature, the better the welding strength, it is very important to choose the correct temperature.

7. When replacing the PTFE welding head, please don't knock it hard, it must be heated before it can be removed