Significance of corrosion protection for steel pipelines

Update:20 Aug 2021

Corrosion of steel pipes is widespread in all sectors o […]

Corrosion of steel pipes is widespread in all sectors of the national economy and national defense construction, which has brought huge losses to the national economy. It also caused great difficulties to production and life. Steel pipes are corroded all the time under natural conditions (atmosphere, natural water, soil) or man-made conditions (acid, alkali, salt and other media). A spontaneous wasteful consumption. The root cause of the steel pipes is that they are in a thermodynamically unstable state. Under the above conditions, they will return to their original relatively stable state. Generate iron oxides and carbonates. Or converted to soluble ions. This process is the corrosion process of metals.

According to statistics, my country's annual steel output is 160 million tons. More than 60 million tons are lost due to corrosion every year. It is almost equal to the annual output of Shanghai Baosteel General Iron and Steel Plant. Corrosion is not only a waste of steel resources, but also shortens the service life of pipelines and equipment due to corrosion. The cost of replacing new pipeline equipment far exceeds the price of the metal material itself. Therefore, the production cost increases, reducing the economic benefits directly caused by corrosion. And the indirect economic loss is huge. The corrosion products form a scale layer, which affects heat transfer and reduces the heat transfer efficiency of the medium flow rate. This greatly increases the energy consumption. The annual economic loss caused by corrosion in my country is as high as 280 billion yuan, which is more than the total of natural disasters such as wind disasters, floods, earthquakes and fires. More.

Corrosion causes various accidents and major disasters. Due to the corrosion of steel pipelines and equipment, production enterprises have stopped production and the quality of products has deteriorated. It affects daily life supply, gas supply, heating steam or hot water, and brings many difficulties to people's lives. Leakage of buried oil, gas, water and other pipelines and pipe networks; leaks, leaks, and drips of pipelines and equipment for enterprise refining, chemical, chemical fiber, fertilizer, and pharmaceuticals. In addition to the loss of a large amount of useful materials, it also caused serious environmental pollution, and even caused catastrophic accidents such as fires, explosions, and collapses. In view of the prevalence of metal corrosion. In order to prevent or slow down the occurrence of metal corrosion. Various metal anti-corrosion technologies and processes have emerged at the historic moment.

The promotion and application of new metal anti-corrosion technology, new materials and new equipment. Extend the service life of pipeline equipment, save money and ensure safe production. my country's petrochemical, public utilities and other industries. The pipeline is perforated 20,000 times per year due to corrosion. It mainly occurs at the joints of steel pipes and the bumps of the pipe itself.