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Update:19 Oct 2018

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The welding machine is divided according to the welding method: flash butt welding machine steel butt welding machine copper rod butt welding machine
Flash butt welding mainly uses the workpiece's counterpart contact resistance to generate heat to heat the workpiece. The metal surface is melted, the temperature gradient is large, and the heat affected zone is relatively small.
The weld is a common grain under the plastic deformation of the solid phase metal of the workpiece. The weld structure and composition are close to the basic metal (or after heat treatment), and it is relatively easy to obtain a strong plastic welded joint.
The flashing process has a self-protecting function that vents air and reduces metal oxidation. Upset forging also removes oxide from the liquid metal out of the weld. There are fewer defects such as weld inclusions and incomplete penetration.
The flashing process has a strong self-adjusting function, which requires less strict consistency of specifications and stable welding quality. The unit welding cross-sectional area requires small electric power, and welding low carbon steel requires only (0.1-0.3) KVA/mm2 electric power.
The welding productivity is high, and it takes only a few seconds to several tens of seconds to weld a joint.
Technical Parameters
Rated capacity: 125KVA
Frequency: 50HZ
Welding link diameter: 6mm-10mm
Motor (brake) JEJ32-4 frequency conversion stepless speed regulation
Secondary voltage stepless adjustment
Primary voltage : 380V/2 phase
Welding speed : 30-48 rings / minute
Machine size : 1800*1400*1950
Air source power : 0.65Mpa
Program control mode: PLC control
Operating site: 2M × 4M [1]