Working Principle

Update:27 Oct 2018

Working Principle The radiator flash butt welding machi […]

Working Principle
The radiator flash butt welding machine uses two 125KVA power frequency soldering resistance transformers as the power source. Both ends are pressed at the same time, discharge flash, and upset forging. The two steel radiator heads are connected with the middle elliptical tube. The burning amount and the upsetting The quantity and welding current are set and displayed by the PLC through the LCD screen.
Welding range
Welding is suitable for a wide range of applications. In principle, forged metal materials can be welded by flash butt welding. For example, low carbon steel, high carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals and alloys can be welded by flash butt welding.
The welding cross-sectional area is large, and generally can be welded from tens to tens of thousands of mm2 cross-sectional area.
Flash butt welding is widely used in welding various plates, fittings, profiles, solid parts, tools, etc. It is widely used and is an economical and efficient welding method.
The main advantage
1. Energy saving. The radiator flash butt welding machine uses two 125KVA soldering resistance transformers as the power source, pneumatic pressing, upsetting, no hydraulic station. Compared with other two single-phase AC resistance welding transformers using 315KVA And two welders with a power station of 18KVA, the UN-250AB welder can save up to 78c/o.
2, the requirements for the power grid is low. Only 250KVA of the power grid can be satisfied.
3. High welding precision. The programmable controller PLC and imported stepping motor are used to control the flashing process, and the burning amount and burning rate can be accurately set. The welding current is controlled by the microcomputer soldering resistance controller. The center distance error of the chip head after welding Can be controlled within ±0.2mm, convenient for subsequent assembly welding.
4, automatic alignment function. Ensure that the spacing between the two ends of the column and the two ends of the tube before welding is the same, so as to ensure the consistency of the burning of both ends.
5, the welding efficiency is high. Because the workpiece is pressed by the double force cylinder, its reaction speed is significantly faster than the hydraulic cylinder.
6, the operation and maintenance services are convenient. Because there is no hydraulic station, the product debugging point, the point of failure is less, there will be no oil leakage and so on.