Routine maintenance of hot melt docking machine

Update:20 Dec 2019

Routine maintenance of hot melt docking machine 1. The […]

Routine maintenance of hot melt docking machine
1. The welding machine should be placed in a dry, non-corrosive gas place. Must be placed smoothly, especially the control device is not allowed to be placed vertically, inverted, or sideways.
2. It is strictly forbidden that the welding machine and other objects are piled up and collided with each other. The appearance of the main parts of the welding machine must not be significantly damaged.
2. 3. The exposed surface of the guide bar on the rack should be clean and free of rust.
3. 4. Regularly check the hydraulic oil quantity and oil quality of the oil tank. When the oil quantity is insufficient, it should be replenished in time, and the oil deterioration should be replaced in time.
5. 5. Always check the hydraulic system for external leaks (drip, leak). If found, it should be repaired in time, otherwise it will affect the welding quality and pollute the environment.
5. 6. Do not allow dirt to adhere to the hydraulic quick coupling. Dirty joints will contaminate the hydraulic oil and damage the hydraulic components.
7). Regularly check the safety of the electrical system, especially requiring a good grounding to ensure the safety of the welder.
8. Check the surface of the heating plate. The non-stick coating should be free of scratches. If the coating is severely damaged, the heating plate should be replaced in time, otherwise the welding quality will be affected.
9. The control device is not waterproof, and water should be prohibited during use, especially in humid and rainy weather.
10. This control box is a precision electronic product. Do not enter the water.
11. Do not hit the control panel with hard weights.