Specific steps of PE hot melt docking machine

Update:14 Dec 2019

The main role of PE hot melt docking machine is to dock […]

The main role of PE hot melt docking machine is to dock PE pipes such as water pipes and gas pipes. As a manufacturer of PE hot melt docking machines, Hangzhou Huanzhong will share the specific steps of the docking machine today:
1. According to the pipes and fittings to be welded, select the appropriate clamps to clamp the pipes and prepare them for cutting.
2. Cutting the impurities and oxide layer on the welded pipe section and the end face of the pipe to ensure that the butt end faces of the two pipes are flat, smooth and free of impurities.
3. The end faces of the two welded pipes must be completely centered. The smaller the wrong side, the better. The wrong side cannot exceed 10% of the wall thickness, and it will affect the quality of the joint.
4. The butt temperature is generally between 210-230 ° C. The heating time of the heating plate is different in winter and summer, and the melting length of both ends is preferably 1-2mm.
5. Take off the heating plate, quickly make the two hot-melt end faces stick and pressurize. In order to ensure the welding quality, the shorter the switching period, the better.
6. Hot-melt butt jointing is the key to welding. The butt-jointing process should always be performed under melting pressure, and the crimp width should be 2-4mm.
7. Cooling keep the docking pressure constant, let the interface slowly cool down, the cooling time length is hard to touch the curled edge, and you can't feel the heat.
8. After the docking is completed, loosen the clamps, remove the docking machine, and prepare the next interface for welding again.