Seat belt buckle welding machine

Update:26 Jan 2019

Ultrasonic safety belt buckle welding machine features: […]

Ultrasonic safety belt buckle welding machine features: Japan original transducer, power output is strong in the same industry, good welding effect; exclusive use of welding head center limit structure, to ensure that the welding head limit is not offset; novel fashion appearance structure design, operation movement Quick and convenient; electric lifting body, easy to operate, high strength; ultrasonic welding mold using titanium alloy or aluminum alloy, durable; high-precision grating ruler, welding accuracy up to 0.02mm; new models, the whole machine, Strengthen the stability of the engineering, pulse line design, and provide energy-stable output of the transducer.
Ultrasonic belt buckle welding machine is specially used for: welding of PVC seat belt buckle and automobile seat belt buckle. After changing the mold, it can also be used for plastic parts of the body, automobile doors, automobile instrument, lamp mirror, sun visor, interior parts, filter, reflective material, reflective nail, bumper, cable, motorcycle plastic Filters, radiators, brake fluid tanks, oil cups, water tanks, fuel tanks, air ducts, exhaust gas purifiers, tray filter plates; plastic electronics: prepaid water meter, communication equipment, cordless phones, mobile phone accessories, mobile phone cases, Welding of battery case, charger, etc. Similar welding equipment includes: car seat belt buckle welding machine, PVC seat belt buckle welding machine, ultrasonic safety belt insertion welding machine, decorative safety buckle welding machine, car seat belt buckle welding machine, cartoon safety belt buckle ultrasonic welding machine.
The ultrasonic belt buckle welding machine uses the transducer to convert high-frequency electron energy into high-frequency mechanical vibration. The ultrasonic welding is performed on the plastic component through high-frequency vibration of 20,000 cycles/second (20KHZ) to make plastic and plastic glue. And the metal produces a high-speed cooked friction of 20,000 times a second to make the plastic melt. In short, the use of ultrasonic plastic welding principle to weld automotive seat belt buckles, especially the fusion of PVC seat belt buckles.