Plastic cap welding machine

Update:28 Jan 2019

The plastic cap welding machine converts the current 15 […]

The plastic cap welding machine converts the current 15/20 Hz electric frequency into 20 KHz or 40 KHz electric energy high-frequency electric energy through a transistor function device, and supplies it to the converter. The converter converts electrical energy into mechanical vibrational energy for the ultrasonic wave, and the pressure regulating device is responsible for transmitting the converted mechanical energy to the welding head of the ultrasonic welding machine. The welding head is an acoustic device that transmits mechanical vibration energy directly to the product to be pressed. The vibration is transmitted to the bonding surface by the welding work piece. The friction generates heat to melt the plastic, and the vibration stops when the molten state reaches the interface. Maintaining pressure for a short period of time produces a strong molecular bond when the melt cures. The entire cycle is usually completed in less than a second, but the weld strength is close to a connected material.
Plastic (bottle cap, cosmetic cover, beverage bottle cap) bottle cap ultrasonic welding machine features
1. According to the requirements of the cap product, the driving method can be driven by pneumatic, hydraulic or servo motor;
2, Japanese technology piezoelectric ceramic transducer, the output is strong and stable;
3, frequency automatic compensation circuit, the whole machine gravity casting, high precision;
4. It adopts horizontal adjustable structure of welding head, convenient mold adjustment, stable use and high welding efficiency;
5. The overall flow linearity of the cap welding machine is good, and the surface is sprayed and resistant to corrosion;
6. Ultrasonic cap welding machine is a square column, linear guide bearing, precision fine adjustment device;
7, using imported IC microcomputer system, mechanical digital accusation switch, can be adjusted for 1/100 scale, the accuracy is extremely high.