See how professionals operate the steel butt welding machine

Update:13 Jul 2021

Here is an introduction to the operation steps of the p […]

Here is an introduction to the operation steps of the professional staff of the steel bar butt welding machine
Operation steps for professional staff of steel bar butt welding machine:
1. Operators must wear protective glasses and rubber gloves, and the station should be filled with insulating materials such as wooden boards or rubber plates. Rubber-soled shoes should be worn. Barefoot or slippers are not allowed.
2. The processing site should have a rainproof, moisture-proof, sun-proof, work shed that meets the requirements of fire prevention and safe electricity usage, and fire-fighting equipment.
3. The steel bar butt welding machine should be installed indoors, the wire insulation is good, there is no broken skin leakage phenomenon, and there is reliable protection for zero connection. When multiple butt welding machines are installed side by side, the distance between each other shall not be less than 3m, and they shall be connected to the power grids of different phases, and shall have their own knife switches. The wire between the knife switch and the butt welder should be protected by a sleeve, and the wiring part must not be corroded or damp.
4. It is strictly forbidden to stack flammable and explosive materials in the welding workshop (or workshop), and no flammable and combustible materials, sundries or weeds are allowed to be stacked within 5m of the site.
5. Before welding, the secondary voltage should be adjusted according to the section of the welded steel bar. It is forbidden to weld steel bars exceeding the diameter specified by the butt welder.
6. Before operation, check whether the pressure mechanism of the butt welder is flexible, whether the fixture is firm, whether the air pressure or hydraulic system is leaking, and whether the drive fixture is normal. Welding can only be carried out after testing and confirming that there is no problem.
7. The contact points of the steel butt welder circuit breaker should be cleaned with sandpaper every 2 days; the electrode (copper head) should be filed regularly with a file; all the connecting bolts of the secondary circuit should be tightened regularly to prevent loosening and avoid excessive contact resistance Overheating occurs; the temperature of water cooling should not exceed 40°C, and the drainage volume should be adjusted according to the temperature.