The process steps of PE butt welding machine construction:

Update:07 Jul 2021

The connection interface of the thermal fusion butt joi […]

The connection interface of the thermal fusion butt joint is flat. The method is to heat the two identical connection interfaces with a hot plate to a viscous fluid state, remove the hot plate, and then apply a certain pressure to the connection interface, and cool and solidify under this pressure state. Form a strong connection. The main process is adjustment, heating, switching, seam pressurization and cooling. When the interface is connected, the material in the viscous flow state flows and diffuses. Too much flow is not conducive to diffusion and entanglement. Therefore, the flow must be restricted to a certain range to achieve "post-melting welding" in the limited flow. Therefore, the key to the docking process is to adjust the three parameters of temperature, time, and pressure during the docking process. The performance, stress status, geometric shape and environmental conditions of the connection interface material must be considered together to achieve reliable welding. Tests should be conducted according to the general rules and the characteristics of the respective materials used to evaluate the welding quality. After reaching the system standards, the process specifications of various specifications should be determined, and the production and on-site installation of welded pipe fittings should be carried out according to the specified process parameters and procedures.
PE butt welding machine Process steps:
Material preparation The roundness of the pipe used for welding pipe fittings should be higher than the standard value, and a cutting allowance of 10-20mm should be left when cutting the material. When used for pipe connection, the two pipes to be welded should be placed on a flat ground to clamp the pipes. Replace the basic fixture according to the pipe fittings to be welded, select the appropriate slips, and clamp the welded pipe section before cutting.
Cutting The impurities and oxide layers on the end faces of the welded pipe sections are cut to ensure that the two butt joint ends are smooth and clean. Alignment The wrong side of the two butt welded pipe sections should be as small as possible. If the wrong side is large, it will cause stress concentration, and the wrong side should not exceed 10% of the wall thickness.
Heating to ensure that there is enough molten material to prepare for mutual diffusion of molecules during melting and docking. Switching The period from the end of heating to the beginning of the fusion docking is the switching period. To ensure the quality of the fusion docking, the shorter the switching period, the better.
Fusion butt joint is the key to welding, and the fusion butt joint process should always be carried out under melting pressure.
Cooling Due to the poor thermal conductivity of plastic materials, the cooling rate is correspondingly slow. The shrinkage of the weld material and the formation of the structure proceed at a slow speed over a long period of time. Therefore, the cooling of the weld must be carried out under a certain pressure.