Semi-Automatic butt welding Machine

Update:03 Sep 2018

Semi-automatic hot melt butt welding The characteristic […]

Semi-automatic hot melt butt welding
The characteristics of the welder are:
1 building block frame structure, small quality and good rigidity;
2 integrated hydraulic power unit, unique by-pass function, the docking process is correspondingly fast, and the pressure adjustment precision is high;
3 The fixture has a wide range of pipe diameters and independent structure, which can ensure the positioning accuracy without losing pressure;
4 semi-automatic hot plate is automatically extracted to eliminate the influence of human factors;
5 electronic temperature controller has high control precision and small temperature gradient;
6 can weld all kinds of steel-plastic joints, flanges and valves;
7 Optional different computer control systems are upgraded to semi-automatic, fully automatic equipment;
8 leakage protection function to ensure the safety of the construction process.