Hydraulic butt fusion welding machine 630-1000mm

Model: CH - H1000  (4 Rings)



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CH-H1000 Details

Welding range: 630-1000 mm.

Material: aluminum

Drive mode: Semi-Automatic 

Weight: 2200 kg

Power: 22.7  kw

Voltage: 380 V ±10%

The heating plate best temperature: 240 ℃, the highest temperature: 270 ℃

Packing size:258*160*175cm³;133*95*188 cm³; 79*58*52cm³;

Warranty period: 1 year.

Certification: CE

Machine includes: hydraulic station & milling cutter & heating panel & fuselage & electric box

Color: 5 above can be customized color, trademark.

Accessories: crane (500kg)

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